Edinburgh Trip with Lime!

So decided to venture down to Edinburgh to get absolutely fucked up with Lime. Little did I realise exactly what that meant, booze, more booze, petty theft, white russians, the Bowery, music, projections, bands, more booze, arrogance, stupid benches stuck together, crossing swords, smashing glasses, minimal techno, no one dancing except Lime, art cafe, hippies dancing, walk home, food, bed. 

That was a very quick overview of the night, this isn't supposed to be about my social life so onto Jesus H.Foxx. I knew a few of the guys in the band from way back when but had never had a chance to see them live. They were playing in the Bowery, an old church basement that is host to all kinds of creative events for the hip & happening kids of Edinburgh. I began to wonder if it was a band setting up or a see how many people you can get on one stage competition, they did have two drummers though. The song's were quite nice and it was great to hear my friend's drumming again, he was one of my favourite people to watch in his old band's.

After the Bowery it was on to the Brass Monkey for some white russians and biscuits, although we were pretty mashed by this point. We quickly left, drinks in hand and head for the Forrest Cafe for the Bowery's 1st Birthday after party, what we found there was quite shocking. Hippies dancing to weird dance music / poetry / bongo drumming! Ahhhhhhh, not that it was that bad, just a bit boring. Upstairs had some awesome techno dude running around behind huge monitors pumping out proper spaced out beats and they had some trippy visuals going all in this amazing church hall space with no one in it. So me and Lime had a dance by ourselves, see pic below. After going into a forbidden area and getting a suit case thrown off my head we decided to bail and head for home.
The next day I awoke to a sweaty hotel room, a cooked breakfast on the table and the sounds of Lime reching in the toilet. I was fine though so after much pricking around we made our way out doors. Lime's showed me his favourite stairs and I got this pic beside some tags.
Then we went to check out all the little shops on the Grass Market. A trip to Edinburgh is never complete with out a visit to Analogue books. Analogue is the kind of shop I dream of setting up but I don't think the people of Aberdeen are ready yet. Anyway, they sell amazing art & design books, screen prints, zines, architecture books, t-shirts and have a great wee gallery space through the back. I was chuffed to see a show by Jean Jullien with some wonderful paintings and installations. I'd never heard of him before and have seen very similar styled work but his pieces were really cool. Click his name above for more.

With a hungover Lime in tow I decided to dingy going into the Red Door Gallery, my other favourite shop in Edinburgh. They usually have amazing screen prints, tote bags, cameras and original design pieces. But alas I had to keep walking until we hit Cockburn Street. After a quick sandwich stop we made our way to the train station but not before I spotted the little set up in the window of Route One. It did give me a bit of an AV boner, I like tvs, I like old tvs and I like it when they are used in this way. I'm not a fan of the whole Skateboarding big shoe brand band wagon but I liked this set up You'll see its affect when I put up the pictures from the Cartune Xprez show.

Well my time in Edinburgh was up and to be honest I didn't feel that sad to be heading back to Aberdeen, maybe not the cultural mecca that Edinburgh appears to be, maybe the shops arent as cool or interesting but at least I don't feel the need to fight off the pretentious vibes with a knife. For now anyway.

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