DO IT's First Birthday.....Happy Birthday To Us....

It's hard to believe that weve be doing DO IT for a year now. Something that started as a bit of fun between some friends, mixing music & art has blossomed into something quite special for me anyway. Seeing our friends come down and dancing and having fun is the most important thing for us all. Its fun bringing new people up and trying to mix up musicians, artists & general piss heads but somehow it works. 
DO IT started a year ago with me, Alex & Jonny. The plan was for them to spin records, Alex was designing the posters & I would provide something for people to look at besides the dj's. Moose was a massive help in setting up the visuals and everything else and I consider him to be a massive part of DO IT! After the first few parties we brought in Sio to help design the posters (every month getting better & better) and adding some new influences to the group. Ben joined us along with a video mixer and together weve been blowing eyeballs every month from here to Helsinki. Finally C C Whyte, another friend & supporter from the start is helping us move forward and getting his arts on, making 3 D DO IT letters and bringing the good vibes every time.
It's been a tough year for us all, its been filled with high's & low's and it just keeps coming but as long as friends are into it were gonna keep DOing IT! Thanks for the support and see you all soon for some hip shaking good times.