'Cartune Xprez **Animation Party**' at Peacock Visual Arts!

On Saturday Peacocks played host to Cartune Xprez, a travelling roadshow of tripped out animations and cartoons. Organiser Pete Burr had already been on the road for the best part of 3 months before finding himself in Aberdeen. He'd been in touch to see if I could help with setting up the event so I got to work getting posters printed and trying to get some local animations which we could show as part of the event.

I have to say I was a little disappointed by the lack of response but then maybe my little bubble doesn't go as far as I thought. But the submissions I did get for the local side of things were awesome. Although disaster struck when I didn't check the disc could play / didn't have time to get the files from people. But fear not as I will include all the films that were shown and were supposed to be shown below. For the local set up I went all out and got some big tvs and a projector for the back room and I think it looked pretty good.

So heres some local films!

chatterbox from sam spreckley on Vimeo.

Super-8-mation by MoC (pic below)
DO IT! / Uber AV by Technocolour Heartbeat
Hair by Stuart Comrie
The local screening was followed by a short screening of the first FAMICON animation dvd. FAMICON is a small web based collective who specialise in amazing hand made zines and prints and have also just completed their first animation dvd. So Stepahn was on hand to show us all the fruits of FAMICON's labour. What followed was a trip into a surreal world of pixel madness and really showcased what one can do with an idea and Microsoft Paint. Not to everyone's taste but I loved it.
Next up was the Hooliganship cartune adventure / performance / inter dimensional crystal freak out. With his trusty Bass guitar Hooliganship travels across Worlds and fight's off scary monsters and bends times. Mixing live performance & animation, the round of applause at the end was well deserved and many a lady commented on Hooliganships tight white jump suit!
The performance was followed by the Cartune Xpress - Dark Lenses Screening showcasing some of the best in contemprary animation from North America. The quality of the works was phenomenal, some very trippy shit was going down but I think everyone loved it. Highlight for me were The Comic That Frenches Your Mind, Meet Me In Witchita & Wlak for Walk. You can purchase dvds from HERE! We also had some crazy animation loops going in the back room.

And finally some messing around in foront of the animation loop instalation! Fuckin A!
Stephan (FAMICON) & Pete Burr (Cartune Xprez)

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