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OMG Exhibition @ Peacock Visual Arts!

OMG was a group exhibition organised by Peacocks & Creative Identities where most of the art works were created by children & young adults between the ages of 10 - 19 with all different abilities, from all different backgrounds as well as works inspired by children.

The opening took place on Saturday and was incredibaly well attended. Peacocks have been running all manner of workshops for the kids including screen printing, photography and circuit bending. A wide range of local artists gave their time in order to teach the kids and help them to produce some truely awesome work. I was pretty blown away by some of the prints and also the short films which are screening through the back.

There was a short performance from some of the circuit benders although there was a hitch on the first attempt but they nailed it second time around, old mac donald never sounded so fly. I believe local muso Bill Thompson played no small part in organising this aspect of the show. They recieved a w…

Calling All Filmmakers - Scottish Digital Shorts 2010!

DigiCult Call for Submissions to Scottish Digital Shorts 2010

Scottish Digital Shorts is Scotland’s key development initiative for new and emerging screenwriters and directors run by DigiCult Ltd.

Applications and guidelines available from

Deadline 14 December 2009.

How will Scottish Digital Shorts 2010 work?

Scottish Digital Shorts 2010 will gather together a talented group of new, emerging and established writers and writer/ directors with the vision required to make a range of short films that can surprise, challenge, delight and mesmerise an international film audience. We’re looking for strong story ideas with potential as live action dramas or animation.

Scottish Digital Shorts 2010 will identify up to 10 individuals from a range of backgrounds, with a range of personal and professional experiences behind them, all sharing a passion for film.
The 10 successful applicants to Scottish Digital Shorts 2010 will enter a period of intense development, working with p…

Cartune Xprez **Animation Party** @ Peacock Visual Arts!

On Saturday Peacocks played host to Cartune Xprez, a travelling roadshow of tripped out animations and cartoons. Organiser Pete Burr had already been on the road for the best part of 3 months before finding himself in Aberdeen. He'd been in touch to see if I could help with setting up the event so I got to work getting posters printed and trying to get some local animations which we could show as part of the event.

I have to say I was a little disappointed by the lack of response but then maybe my little bubble doesn't go as far as I thought. But the submissions I did get for the local side of things were awesome. Although disaster struck when I didn't check the disc could play / didn't have time to get the files from people. But fear not as I will include all the films that were shown and were supposed to be shown below. For the local set up I went all out and got some big tvs and a projector for the back room and I think it looked pretty good.

So heres some local films…

Edinburgh Trip with Lime!

So decided to venture down to Edinburgh to get absolutely fucked up with Lime. Little did I realise exactly what that meant, booze, more booze, petty theft, white russians, the Bowery, music, projections, bands, more booze, arrogance, stupid benches stuck together, crossing swords, smashing glasses, minimal techno, no one dancing except Lime, art cafe, hippies dancing, walk home, food, bed. 

That was a very quick overview of the night, this isn't supposed to be about my social life so onto Jesus H.Foxx. I knew a few of the guys in the band from way back when but had never had a chance to see them live. They were playing in the Bowery, an old church basement that is host to all kinds of creative events for the hip & happening kids of Edinburgh. I began to wonder if it was a band setting up or a see how many people you can get on one stage competition, they did have two drummers though. The song's were quite nice and it was great to hear my friend's drumming again, he was…