The Flu has got me......

While sitting at home for the last 3 days holed up with the heating on and a waterbottle, I started to think about the Flu, a virus that seems to be affecting a lot of people at the moment. This is just the normal kind of Flu the kind people get after going out at the weekend wearing only a see through dress in 4 degree temperatures although the media coverage for the swine flu pandemic was rather worrying to say the least.
Anyway, I began thinking about the word Flu & Influenza and remembered the street artists called Influenza. Neil (Earl of Sandwich) first put me onto Influenza after I started making my own stencils. This renegade has set up his own street art game called "The Art of Urban Warfare". The rules are simple, you make stencils of toy soldiers, the kind that everybody gets as a kid, you choose your colour and then you hit the streets and leave as many of your troops around town as possible. The when an apposing ART-ist sees your troops he has to enter the arena of combat by stencilling his soldiers next to the original ones. Eventually the two or three teams will build up a whole army of apposing soldiers in different colours in locations across the city. Click HERE for some basic guidelines for the game.
I tried to start my own war in the fair city of Aberdeen, I even had some complimetary feedback from both the police & the council but as there is still laws against spraying in public places all my troops were removed. However with the new graffitti wall down at Transition Extreme I think now is the time to get cutting and show your strength, bring the troops and lets have us some fun in the spirit of Influenza!

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