Efterklang - Performing Parades!

Efterklang are a band from Copenhagen, they make very delicate and also pumping music. They use traditional instruments aswell as laptops and glitch type sounds. I was chuffed to find their latest offering in one up, Efterklang: Performing Parades. Parades was their second album released a year or two ago, its a really nice album and really shows their musicianship and ability to blend sounds to soothe your soul.

They were invited to do a live performance with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, a challenge the band didn't shy away from. In fact they openly embraced it and got to work with arranging the songs and practicing. They also requested the help of their good friends Hvass & Hannibal (one of my favourite design duo's)who have produced the cover art for their last album and also some music videos for the band (see below). They created the mental costumes that the band are wearing and the entire orchestra aswell as the whole set design with the mountains etc (see pic).

I was a bit worried that the live film wouldn't match up to my own experience of seeing them in Glasgow but I'm glad to say that it blew me away. Hearing a song is one thing but to see the level of skill involved in keeping 50 odd people in sync on stage is quite amazing. Every individual movement becomes part of a bigger organisim that is creating this amazing sounds. They manage to perform Parades note for note but the emotion of the band is brought to the fore, you can see that theyre not just performing for the sake of it, theyre not in a band just for something to do, they truely love what theyre doing and that comes across I think. That purity is something that I think is sadly less & less apparent in modern music.

Anyway, if you like lush sounding music and men in funny lederhosens then I suggest to head over to the Leaf Label site and order the 12", vinyl always sounds nicer. Finally, I absolutely hate lazy music journalists who can only ever describe any nordic bands as being "Sigor Ros of so and so".

An adventure I'd like to have!

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