Cartune Exprez - Animation Show Coming Soooooooooooon!

CARTUNE XPREZ: 2009 Dark Voyage

A Roadshow of Animated Videos from America

Throughout the fall of 2009, Peter Burr is touring across Europe presenting the freshest incarnation of Cartune Xprez. This program of contemporary cartoons from North America celebrates the wilderness of imagination through motion pictures, projected through an inflatable backdrop of glowing crystals. The touring program will provide a rare opportunity to see videos by emerging artists as well as internationally know artists whose collective resume includes collaborations with Frank Zappa and major exhibitions at the Whitney Bienniel, the MOMA in New York, the Sundance Film Festival and many other institutions across the World. In addition, Hooliganship will be doing a live performance of their newest cartoon theater.


Our World Upside Down, Reinterpreted By A Baffled Mob of American Artists

Meet Me In Wichita - (Martha Colburn)
Shame Felow - (Adrian Freeman)
The Mountain Where Everything Is Upside Down - (Shana Moulton)
Untitled Pink Dot - (Takeshi Murata)
The Comic That Frenches Your Mind - (Bruce Bickford)
Sing Song - (Jeff Kriksciun)
Booty Melt - (Jacob Cicci)
Walk for Walk - (Amy Lockhart)
Slow Dance Recyttal - (Peter Burr, Christopher Doulgeris & Cassandra C Jones)SATANDEATHSNAKETRAINAWESOME - (Hooliganship)

Hooliganship TRASH

Live music, cartoons & video game worlds cross paths in a surreal adventure through a trash landscape. We watch a high-energy hoodie-clad biy musically and physically interact with the cartoon images on screen begind him (including his own crudely animated doubles). Pure absurd rainbow bliss, Trash is a wacky journey into media oversaturation inspired by a hypnotic abundance of digital information.

As if that isn't enough there will also be 20 a minute screening by FAMICON and a chance for you to have your own animations shown on tv screens along with the Cartune Xprez show. Email me for details on how to submit at, dealine 18th Nov for submissions. Cartune Xprez will also hopefuly be running an animation workshop on the day or the day before for any budding animators, details TBC.

And finally for friends further afield fear not because Cartune Xprez is coming to a town near you also. See cities and dates below, get on it.

November 5: Oslo, Norway - Galleri Okmina
November 11: Helsinki, Finland - Ptarmigan
November 20: Glasgow, Scotland - CCA
November 21: Aberdeen, Scotland - Peacock
November 23: Edinburgh, Scotland - GRV
November 27: Manchester, England – Islington Mill
November 29: London, England – House Party

If you make animations or would like to make an animation to be part of this event then just email me at

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