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Friday, Friday, what to do!

Panel Discussion @ Pecock Visual Arts

Cruel Weather Curator Jay Murphy in conversation with director Jackie Salloum.

Friday 30 October
Location: Peacock Visual Arts
Starts: 7pm

Admission free, no booking required

Mark Bremner - Collider @ Limousine Bull

Preview Friday 30th October
7pm - 9pm

INTERCHANGE - New Work By Ally Wallace @ Project Slogan


Free refreshments, all welcome.

Cartune Exprez - Animation Show Coming Soooooooooooon!

CARTUNE XPREZ: 2009 Dark Voyage

A Roadshow of Animated Videos from America

Throughout the fall of 2009, Peter Burr is touring across Europe presenting the freshest incarnation of Cartune Xprez. This program of contemporary cartoons from North America celebrates the wilderness of imagination through motion pictures, projected through an inflatable backdrop of glowing crystals. The touring program will provide a rare opportunity to see videos by emerging artists as well as internationally know artists whose collective resume includes collaborations with Frank Zappa and major exhibitions at the Whitney Bienniel, the MOMA in New York, the Sundance Film Festival and many other institutions across the World. In addition, Hooliganship will be doing a live performance of their newest cartoon theater.


Our World Upside Down, Reinterpreted By A Baffled Mob of American Artists

Meet Me In Wichita - (Martha Colburn)
Shame Felow - (Adrian Freeman)
The Mountain Where Everything Is Upside Down -…

The BQE - Sufjan Stevens!

The BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) is the new album & film by Sufjan Stevens. I became a fan of Sufjans after hearing his Lake Michigan album. His plan was to record an album for every state in the good ol US of A but I'm not sure how far hes gotten with that.
Anyway he decided to make a film about the BQE with him and a friend behind the lens. Here's some info about the BQE:

"The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is an incidental 12.7 miles of urban roadway built over the course of several decades (1939-1964), spear-headed by the master architect Robert Moses to accommodate for the increase of commercial and commuter traffic in New York City's outer boroughs. The roadway was a painstaking piecemeal project, poorly planned, badly built, and relentlessly encumbered by the obvious obstacles of the era: red tape, neighborhood protests, World War II, and a congested borough whose sequestering layout proved ill-fitting for the automobile. The resulting expressway-a pockmarked…

Efterklang - Performing Parades!

Efterklang are a band from Copenhagen, they make very delicate and also pumping music. They use traditional instruments aswell as laptops and glitch type sounds. I was chuffed to find their latest offering in one up, Efterklang: Performing Parades. Parades was their second album released a year or two ago, its a really nice album and really shows their musicianship and ability to blend sounds to soothe your soul.

They were invited to do a live performance with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, a challenge the band didn't shy away from. In fact they openly embraced it and got to work with arranging the songs and practicing. They also requested the help of their good friends Hvass & Hannibal (one of my favourite design duo's)who have produced the cover art for their last album and also some music videos for the band (see below). They created the mental costumes that the band are wearing and the entire orchestra aswell as the whole set design with the mountains etc (see p…

7th British International Mini Print Exhibition!

Who would have thought there was so much to do on a Wednesday night. First up was a visit to the Aberdeen Arts Centre (just off king street, up from the Lemon Tree) where the 7th British International Mini Print Exhibition is on show. Organised by SMART Consultants & Clair Bruce the show is made up from 200 small scale prints, all framed & all for sale. There is some really great wee prints and the prices looked pretty good aswell. With so much work there is a few that are a bit dull but there's some really cracking good prints so get on down and see for yourself before the 5th November.

Also opening of sorts that night was a mini exhibition at Bar 99's with works by Grays School of Art students, some nice paintings and the food on there is nae bad so pop on down and have a look, most of the work is upstairs where the comfy seats are, perfect for a pint and a catch up.

Events coming up....

Francesca Nobilucci's latest sculpture "Methods of Killing" is on at the Project Slogan gallery from the 24th Oct until the 3rd Nov. PREVIEW Friday 23rd October 7-9pm, free refreshments, all welcome!

Something at Limousine bull, click on the flyer for details.

The B Movie UK Premiere!

Another year, another Burton video. This years offering, The B Movie served up a good mix of pros going big with the massive B kicker being something to behold, every side had something to hit and some nice rail set ups aswell. Also some of the streets stuff was pretty cool, especially Jones taking off his binding so he could spin his board on one binding plate thing.
Burton were kind enough to provide some free goodies aswell, which Katie and the gand were more than happy to punt off people in the crowd, sadly no one was hurt. The night ended as it started with Patty (Everything Else Sucks) playing banger after banger. A good night and a UK Premiere to boot!

Sarah J Tingle Opening.....

Sarah J Tingles solo show opened last week at the Beautifull Mountain cafe. She's got some bright colourful pictures for sale and ace new business cards. Her minature paintings on old book covers are pretty awesome and her larger drawings with their familiar rainbow colours are also pretty cool. If you know Sarah and like her style of work then its well worth popping into the up stairs cafe for a looksie! Do it, go on.