RE:Imaging the City Centre, Inverness Old Town Art!

Fraser posted an interesting link on Facebook about some people who have gone around Inverness covering various things in red knitted yarn. I've seen other projects like this from New York & Melbourne and was quite intrigued to see what this was all about. Turns out to be a lot bigger than just an art prank.
The Scottish Arts Council have awarded the city some money to help promote the arts in Inverness covering all areas including the performing & fine arts aswell as more street art based projects. The aim is to help rejuvinate the city centre, with the red yarn acting as arteries that connect different areas of the city and also highlight overlooked spaces, which I something I really relate to.
Although the yarn prank has generated some media coverage the other projects are worth your attention as they cover many different areas of the arts and merge with the use of the town's architecture and space, aswell as helping to promote the arts and the benefits of having such a programme in your town or city. I think this is a really forward thinking project and is something that Aberdeen City Council as well as the little people like myself have been given something to think about and to recognise the importance of the arts to any town or city and the positive effects it can have for a city and the communities with it.
To find out more info check out the proper web site HERE and read a BBC article HERE!

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