GO-REBORN - Creative Collaborations from the Burgh!

Jaco told me about his plans for a pop up art space in Edinburgh a while back. The plan was to find a space and fill it with as many intersting pictures, tea towels and people as possible. The result was Go - Reborn! For nearly a whole month during the busiest time of the Ediburgh festival, Jaco and Fleur invited as many artists, dress makers, furniture builders, designers & graff artists as they could to come down and join in on the fun.

They managed to secure a 2nd floor open plan office space in Venue Studios (formerly the Venue nightclub so I was told, back in the day ken), a great space with large windows overlooking the back end of Waverly station and the bridges across it. After plans had fallen through for us to pop down and host an impromtu DO IT party we decided to go for it anyway and fired on down, me & DJ White Chocolate, projectors and vinyl in hand.

I was truely blown away by the space and the incredible amount of different things in it, from £4000 tables to screen prints, original paintings, rails & rails of clothes from Fleurs shop and other designers, it seemed every nook was filled with beautiful objects. Giant canvases were in the process of being taken down with the intention of cutting them up into smaller sections to make tote bags. Although based in Ediburgh, Aberdeen was well represented with a selection of screen prints from Peacock Visual Arts, a display showcasing their plans for the new Arts Centre and half the DO IT crew were in town.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying too much attention to who did what but you can find out more about the people and pictures by checking out the Go-Reborn blog HERE! More pics from our DO IT party and Elph's live painting session coming in 2 minutes!

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