Graffiti Jam @ Transition Extreme!

Despite what the papers and news will tell you, there is a very strong and positive aspect to graffiti, urban art, street art whatever you want to call it. I wish that someone from the Evening Express could have made it down to Transition EXtreme a few weekends ago to witness the amazing graffiti jam that went down.

A local graffer seemed to have organised the event and co ordinated a specialist team of graffiti ARTISTS! from Glasgow who spent the whole day painting in the sun. Corralo provided food in the form of bbq ribs, burgers & satay sticks, the guys from Boarderline hooked up a pa & some turntables to provide the beats while you eats and the artists took care of themselves.

It was awesome to see people checking out the work and even fresh collaborations between Stu & some kid from south america who later got all the artists to sign his t shirt. It was the kind of atmosphere you rarely experience in Aberdeen but apparently is even rarer in Glasgow, a city with a great arts scene and legal graffiti walls.

Anyway, check out the pics below to see what went down, the photo realistic seagulls were a touch of class in my opinion and should still be on display down at the wall, just out side Transition Extreme skate park. Enjoy!

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