Candy For The Eyes & Ears 3! By Hand, WUW Magazine, Riceboy Sleeps & Passion Pit!

Figured it would be nice to look at a few things from beyond the wonderful world of Aberdoom again but not because there's a lack of things happening. Aberdeen seems to be a pretty busy place and is only getting busier with local little people taking on oil tycoons and club nights ahoy hoy.

Anyway, picked up a very intersting book called By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art. Its does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers a very well researched archive of artists employing the use of craft techniques in their work, from needle & thread, paper folding, screen printing and book binding. It combines artists statements with beautifull pictures of the individuals work to show what theyre about and how they use craft techiniques to achieve their end results. A wide selection of artists and styles are covered in the book inc, Satoru Aoyama, BB&PPINC, Kelly Breslin, Rachel Cattle,Rowena Dring, Electricwig & many more. By Hand is available from any book shop worth their salt and is a must have. Get your copy HERE!

Again while casually looking for my monthly fix of Juxtapoze I happened upon a new design / art magazine. Whatever U Want Wuw magazine covers everything from designer toys, graphics, fashion labels to up and coming artists, font designers, furniture & architecture. I was especially impressed by the artists pages in the middle where readers submit their work for display, Justin Wallis was my favourite.

For the ears and the soul I have been listening to the Rice Boy Sleeps album at 33 rpm's before bed most nights. You may have heard of them before, one half of this duo is none other than Jonsi, (lead singer from Sigur Ros) and his boyfriend Alex. 

They have been producing art works on found windows and held gallery shows across Iceland. They produced a limited run of books showcasing their drawings and art work. They began producing videos to go with some sound pieces and now the pair have finally completed an album of music played entirely on acoustic instruments. Mixing some of that distinctive Sigur Ros mellowness with something extra, this is a great album to chill out with and read a nice book or just sleep.

For something to get you in the mood for good times, Passion Pit are lifting me higher & higher everytime. Mixing a blend of high pitched vocals (all male) and cool rhythms, they manage to lift my spirits and make my hips shake, a sight to behold. Album highlights for me are Moths Wings, Little Secrets & Sleepyhead, check them out!

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