DO IT @ Cheap Tricks, Helsinki!

So we decided to all go to Helsinki, Finland to do a DO IT night. A local promoter called Lani puts on a night called CHEAP TR!CKS in this amazing venue which had a nice bar area with mellow seating, beds upstairs and more seats, next door a massive venue space, gallery, office spaces and a radio station. Amazing.

Helsinki was a real nice place but was made all the nicer by the people we got to meet and hang out with. My favourite new friend was the guy who wanted me to stencil DO IT across the ass of his jeans, which were hand made by his girlfriend no less! She just laughed and then we all went and got drunk.

Massive thanks to Lani for putting up with us for 4 days, Juho for showing me some cool dance moves, looking bad ass and taking some great pics for us (see all the ones from the night) Sonja for being an international DO IT supporter & to the DO IT crew, "Stop! Lets Collaborate".

The best ass in the whole of Finland I think
Paula of the infamous Vixen VJ's
M.o.C, DJ White Chocolate, Lani (Cheap Tricks), Uraki Riddim & B.E.N.

Leaving my mark on Helsinki
My new hero below
Aye, lets break ahing
Another record shop
This record shop was amazing
This gallery was ace, check it HERE!
The Tin Tin cafe
The effect of having to get on a plane home, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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