Aberdeen & Shire Film Festival 2009!

A bit late in doing a write up for this since it happened nearly a month ago but its been a hectic time. For the opening night myself, Ben & DJ White Chocolate were invited to help the art school launch the festival in bar Five with a mini DO IT night. Bringing our ecclectic collective approach to bar Five was fun and gave us a chance to meet some new faces, I did get a laugh when the cast & crew from One Day Removals appeared all suited and booted with looks of arrogance to match. Nothing says class like a Primark suit! A good night anyway and a good start to the festival.

I was asked by Neil Shirran who organised the festival if I'd like to curate a night of short films. I figured since I'd already had 3 mini local film nights I might as well show a selection of my favourite shorts as well as trying to get some new films. With some gentle persuasion and some emailing I managed to pull together a reasonable amount of decent local made shorts. The films shown in no particular order were:
Watties Great Race trailer by Pigeon Media Solutions
Dropstiched by Moc
Demonic by David Keith
EMILY by Shaun Hughes & Tim Courtney
Checking In by Killer Heels Productions Ltd
Life In Ruins by Donside Pictures
Aberdub Skateboarding by Joe Coleman
A music video by????? ill add it soon
Aberdeen Skateboarding by Simie
SMS Rhino by Moc
True Art with Francez McDougall by Donside Pictures

I also tried to put on a live soundtracking event but the live element kind of fell through at the last minute except for Boleskin (Fraser). Following on from a talk hosted by Fraser earlier in the day about the importance of music and soundtracks in film we showed a selection of films and tried to showcase some visual & musical pieces. Starting with Art Wars, a rescored & re edited version of Star Wars by me with all new soundtrack including Billy Idol, Talking Heads, Bon Iver & Yeasyer to name a few. Followed by ABZ by Simon Stannard & Co from Aberdeen Uni, this film really showed the depth that detailed sound can make to a film. Hope to see some more from the Aberdeen Uni team for next years events. Due to illness 2 of the musicians pulled out leaving me to fill in. With Ben on visuals and me on the music we tried to showcase what we do for our DO IT night, mixing it up good and proper. Finally Fraser stepped up and showed us all how its done, it wasnt long before Andy had his guitar strapped on and to our amazement, Duncan Heart brough his cello and a full on jam enseud. You just cant plan magic moments like this and the music was pretty damm good. Really looking forward to doing something like this again and a massive thanks goes to all the people who made the events so good.
Thankfully with a few days off I managed to attend some of the other events organised as part of the festival. Found presented a live soundtrack for an early Norman McClaren film, pretty cool stuff and really well done. Jaco had told me not to miss this event and I'm glad I didn't. Check out all the links and get ready for a bigger & better festival next year, woo woo!