Feeling Blu!

Blu is an artist based in Bologna, Italy. He creates massive wall mural, ridiculous animations and fills sketchbooks. I was chuffed to get a copy of his first book, Blu 2004 - 2007. Inside is a collection of photos and sketch book pages from his personal archives.

The sheer size of the pieces he creates is breath taking but his sketch book and smaller works are also something to behold. He has amazing style and is instantly recogniseable and the subject of his work and the outcome vary from themes of Roman gods to the creation of life to what would happen is a baby popped out of another babies head and didnt stop, like it just goes on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...................
To find out more about blu check out his web site HERE. To purchase a copy of the book go HERE! To purchase some signed prints by BLU run HERE!

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