Aberdeen Arts Centre - The Battle Rages On!

There's been some interesting developments around the Peacocks vs Sir Ian Wood Union Terrace Gardens plans. One side wish to build a contemparary and state of the art Arts Centre which will help to encourage creativity in Aberdeen and also generate tourist income while helping to retain some of the magic of the only real green space left in the city centre.

The other plan is to raise the whole of Union Terrace gardens up to street level, making it more accesable but at the price of losing the beautiful trees and some of the green space will be replaced by concrete and at the cost of £140 million? Of which the council are expected to stump up £50 million.

It does seem like logic and reason are both missing when it comes to Aberdeen Council, new plans for a giant ferris wheel in the middle of the Castlegate sound amazing, why not see the dirty granite buildings from a new perspective "Ohhh look Mavis, I've never seen a seagull poop from this angle before". Instead of looking at lucrative schemes to make Aberdeen "better" why not work with the people who are already trying to make Aberdeen better such as myself (I'm running a local film night as part of the Aberdeen City & Shire Film Festival, details coming soon) and all the wonderfull people who give up their time for free to run after schools clubs and youth projects.

A better future for Aberdeen lies with the people and the youth of Aberdeen and if they want a giant concrete plaza then so be it but I'm sure that in 20 years time people will look at Aberdeen and think just how stupid we were. Just look at the eyesore that is the council's headquarters for evidence of past crimes.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts, to read some interesting articles against the Union Plaza proposal click HERE and HERE! Go on, sign the petition urging ACC to back the Arts Centre plans HERE! I think its great that such a noteable Architecture forum such ArchitectureScotland are willing to put such an article out there although from what I've heard about Ian Wood and his Jedi mind tricks I'd be watching my back.

If you would like to read some of the biased articles the P&J have written then go HERE and HERE!

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