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The Leaking Brain @ The Lemon Tree!

Brian Ross is a local based artist, Grays graduate, part time bum, comic book reader, film watcher and all round lovely gent. Always smilling, always working and always doodling, it was great to see his new works firmly sealed behind glass and ready to fly off the walls.
Brian has worked on many local based projects including the crazy doodles down at Transition Extreme, the entrance to Limousine Bull in Torry, hes had solo shows in Project Slogan & Peacock Visual Arts and has often collaborated with Craig Barrowman on freestyle art jams in Union Terrace gardens. See more of his work HERE!
The Brian below, that brain might be leaking but the ink stains are damm good!

Scoop* Hide & Seek Exhibition!

SCOOP* is a new collective of artists all based in Aberdeen. Its 3 friends who have decided to come together to help push and motivate the art scene in Aberdeen. Their aims don't need to be written down but do include brining fresh talent to the city, helping emerging artists with organising shows, finding alternative venues as well as working with existing organisations like Project Slogan and to have fun and enjoy art the way it should be.

The first Scoop* group show is due to take place on Saturday 15th August at an as yet undiclosed out doors location. Also on the same night is the DO IT Forrest Party at Cellar 35 with Animal / Tree themed dress up (ill be the giant beautiful Mainecoon cat in a suit you'll see dragging birds into the bushes). To take part, find out more or have a chat add Scoop on myspace HERE and on facebook HERE!

Below is a few bits and pieces I'm working on for the group show, feels good to be working on my own stuff for a change instead of making vid…

Alicia Bruce Opening @ Project Slogan!

Just a few snaps from Alicia Bruces opening at Project Slogan. For her show she photographed her friends daughter posing with a bunch of flowers and head phones like the statue in Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Alicia is continuing a theme she started last year with a show at Aberdeen Arts Centre where she recreated her favourite art works from the gallery in photograhic form. Using friends and family as models she poses them, lights them and dresses them to match the art works as closely as possible. For this new set of photographs she enlisted the help of a friends daughter and dragged her around Aberdeen and got her to pose infornt of different back drops and also filmed each one. Magic!

Who Likes To Cock The Party?

I know I know, your looking at these pics and thinking WTF! These were what i found after the Art School Degree Show closing party that we held at Project Slogan. I brought along a 3-d notepad, you draw on it and then look with your 3-D glasses and your drawing becomes 3-D ified! Pretty cool stuff, widely available from kitch shops etc.

Sadly no photographic evidence exists of the amazing UBER AV (Johan Reichs & Friedrich Frietzel) who came all the way from Berlin to provide visuals for the party but I heard Johan really rocked it with his denim cut off's! Big shout to Kieren who jumped on the decks after the Acid Thunder boys brought some heat, and mixed it up real good. Hopefuly gonna have more parties, more dress up, more art fuelled, good time nights coming in the near future.

I'm not sure who's responsible for the drawings but I like the Shaun Fowler & Father Samosa pics. Enjoy!

Now Thats What I Call..... Music @ Project Slogan!

Fraser Denholm is an Aberdeen based artist who's work revolves around the use of sound & objects. Fro his latest work he cobbled together a load of old junk, music junk. Tape players, cassettes, recod players, old vinyl, speakers, stereos you name it, Fraser had it. As part of his exhibition he held an open swap shop event where people could leave tapes, records etc for Fraser to use or they could take some of his much loved vinyl (no takers for Lionel Richie though, whats wrong with people).
Everything was building up towards a final performance in which Fraser would use every piece of working equipment to dj for the evening, this involved tuning in radios and mixing it with records and pressing play on tape decks, harder than it sounds with so many to choose from. Due to other obligations I was unable to attend the final performance but was treated to a preview the night before (see pics below). 
However, Fraser was smart enough to set up some cameras and captured his entire se…