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The Dark Lord vs Peacock Visual Arts!

There has been a big stink surrounding this issue. Peacock Visual Arts has somehow managed to get the funding, they have a beautiful design in place, the council is almost ready to move forward with their plans and lo and behold Sir Ian Wood steps in with a new plan to conrete over the whole site in the name of progress and civic pride, a plan that carries a price tag big enough to send the council into debt for the next 50 years and what do they do, they decide it sounds like a good!

Aberdeen City Council has always been a bit slow but I would never have sensed it could be so bloody backwards. No wonder were seen as a bunch of sheep shaggers with people like this making decisions which will not only affect us but generations to come and is already affecting us now. 

Only a few months ago the newspapers ran stories about how the councils poor money management would lead to thee closure of council funded facilities including the Bon Accord swimming pool and many much needed after schools…

New Magazines!

I've been a regular reader of Juxtapoz Magazine for a good while now, every month I rush out to Plan 9 and pick up my copy, hastily flicking through it to see what wonders it has for me. Juxtapoz is an arts magazine but its produced by people see beyond the boundaries of high brow wank and instead embrace all the weird and wonderfull counter culture, no skool, low brow art that has come to be more acceptable, no part thanks to magazines like Juxtapose and their staff who work very hard every month in making each issues a treasure to read.
You'll find everything from contemporary graffiti, street art, scultors, painters, mess makers and certainly no fakers, check out their site HERE!
As I was in browsing WH Smith for something to read I came across Grafik Magazine. The bold illustration on the cover instantly grabbed my attention and I had to buy it. Little did I realise that 9 of my hard earned gold nuggets would be the price. However, if you are a fan of good design and like t…

Short Films in Production!

Mark Ewan is currently working on the follow up to his last short, Blue on Blue which featured in February's Local Film Showcase night at Project Slogan. The new film is called Capsized and will hopefuly be finished in time for the Aberdeen Film Festival at the end of July.
I don't have too much details on the story for his new feature but he was lucky enough to use the training ward at RGU to film some scenes on Sunday and I was allowed to take some snaps and sit in on the filming. With very high production standards and a professional & talented crew behind him, Mark is well on his way to finishing another brilliant short film. For more info check out ZoffinFilms & RaeTech. I will be running a local film night event as part of the festival on Sunday 26th July, more details coming soon!
The directors chair

Learning lines

Alan Rae & Mark setting up the shot

The actors were a bit rubber

Casio Kids @ Moshulu!

Norge keyboard fanatics Casio Kids played an awesome show in Aberdeen on Saturday past. Ended up setting up a few projectors and mixing up some video for the night but after watching everyone else dance and then step back after only two songs I decided to get down and shake my ass and surely enough people realised that they should be doing the same. 

C. C. was roped in to help out on the lights and did a fantastic job and helped add a little something extra to the night, I left the dvds to play as I was having too much fun dancing. Best bit? Seeing a fully pregnant Dawn dancing better than everyone else with her man. Big thanks to Let It Bleed for letting me help and for getting them up.

SMS x Graffiti Wall @ Transition Extreme!

Finally, after many backwards meetings with the Aberdeen has a legal wall where you can make marks with pens, spray paint and even concrete? Yes some urban rebels decided to build their own flat bank against the wall (see pics below).

On a glorious sunny Sunday me & Stu went down early to check it out. Stu brought his paints and decided the wall needed something new so quickly got to work spraying up a Rhino. Stu has got such a good style and his intuative use of colour and line make his work something special to behold. After some swift words hes hoping to complete a few pieces within the skate park and may have a few more commisions coming his way.

The nearly finished piece!

Can control!

Some pieces from the graff wall

IPU Opening @ Project Slogan

Some pics from Adams first day at the gallery!

After completing his 2 weeks of experiments Adam was finally ready to open the doors to the latest IPU Research Facility, Code Name: Abad. The wonderous sculptures and usesless arrangements of objects really made you feel like you'd stumbled into a high class junk shop / inventors show room.

It was great having Adam staying at the flat as well, he seemed to constantly be coming up with ideas and seemed like a real nice guy. To find out more about the IPU (Institute of Progressed` Understanding) check out the Facebook group HERE!