Student Sculpture Show @ The Academy!

Last month the 3rd Year sculture students got their first taste of holding an exhibition. They used the a shop unit in the academy which was formally FCUK. The owners have been very cool about letting the students & the art school use the space for shows. 

The work exhibited was intersting and I think the students will have gained a better idea about what it takes to organise a show and to get your work finished on time. My favourite peiece was the ice cream van made from cardboard, the artist made ice cream cones from candy floss which looked delicous at the start of the day but had dried out by the time pics were taken by Alex. DJ Money hit up the crowd with a fine selection of tunes and I think everyone had fun.

Onwards and upwards, looking forward to seeing what these kids do next and also to the 4th year degree show is running at Greys school of art from the end of June.

The fish tank

The tunnel

Living room instalation with audio & video piece

Having some ice cream from Mhari's ice van

The exchange students performance piece

Julie-anne's cupboard of wonder

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