IPU Opening @ Project Slogan!


Project Slogan Presents: Institute of Progressed Understanding - I.P.U.

The Institute of Progressed Understanding (I.P.U.) was set up in the late 1940s in order to give a clearer understanding of the rapid developments happening in science and technology at the time. Until recently its activities had been of the up most secrecy, however with the passing of the Secrets Act in 1998 some of its operations where forced to be made public. I

n 2007 there was even an ‘open day’ at the formally top secret Ministry of Defence base at Dean Hill. The I.P.U. is now facing even more pressure to make its activities more transparent, to the dissatisfaction of its often private investors. It is for these reasons that the I.P.U. has opened its Aberdeen office to the general public; however we do ask that you kindly do not disclose any of the information or things that you see here to anyone else that has not been here.

An exhibition of work by Adam Lewis-Jacob.also open 15th-16th May- 12-6pm
Meeting people tonight, 6.30 at the Earl of Sandwich, on the Green and walking over to Project Slogan, 15 min walk max.

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