Entrails Issue 3 Launch Quiz Night!

Entrails Issue 3 Cover

'Silent Boundary' by Mhairi McGhee & Louise Emslie & 'Viola' by Dean Lawson

'Lumberjack' by Richard J Sanderson

'Flooring Bargins' by Lucy Smith
Thanks to everyone who came to the Entrails Issue 3 Quiz Launch night. A great time was had by all, especially when we won. The zine is going from strength to strength and is looking amazing. The quality of the work being submitted seems very high which can only be a good thing. Dead line for the next issue is 10th July, email submissions to entrails@hotmail.co.uk, email them for more details and if you can't find a copy in local shops then try emailing the boys. Good work lads.

Contributors to issue 3 are: Ross Perkin, Philip Reid, Rob Ewanchuck, Richard J Sanderson, Charlotte Traynor, Julia Strachenko, Adam Hanley, Lisa Hassel, Samuel Longmire, Lizzy Stewart, Rae Duncan, Lucy Smith, Lyndsay McMillan, Katey-Jean Harvey, Clare Halifax, Dave Bain, Mhairi McGhee & Lousie Emslie, Dean Lawson, Gilla Brokker, Alistair Allan & Lee Lawso
Issue 3 has also been dedicated to the memory of James 'Moose' Costello which is nice.

Winning Left Testicle & Right Testicle behind me
Uncle Rab & Als mum, Rab the fountain of knowlege, NOT!!!!