A Lazy Sunday, NOT!

I don't know about the rest of you but I had a lie in on Sunday. But since I saw snow when I got up on Saturday I was amazed to see glorious sunshine on Sunday and headed out with my camera and my skateboard. The aim was to photograph any new graffiti and dead spaces.

First stop was to a furniture shop on Holburn street to scope for some massive cardboard tubes. You could build a house out of these mothers, they'll be handy for a future project. Boosted up to Broad street, the old mecca of skateboarding in Aberdeen, sad times there. Popped past the old Drunks house (see pics below) to see whats new with it. There' some big pieces on the wall and if your after adventure you can get inside through a window out the back but last time we went in we found a junkies den, complete with porno mags! Get a crew if your going in.

Next it was across the street to skate the car park flat bank and to get some inspiration. This massive sheet of white packaging came floating along the road as if it was driving on the road, the strangest thing I've seen in a while. Then it was off down a back alley and onto King street. I noticed some pieces down a side alley an access onto the railway line. Had a wee walk along but bumped into a mate who told me its still in use twice a week so thought it best to get off it sharpish.

Following the line to Uhrquart road I came across some wooden boards and an old factory that is due to be turned into flats. A quick scan revealed an open gate which leads straight into the space, no tress passing, the doors were all open. Had a good scan around and took some snaps (coming soon) but found another squat up stairs so decided it best to leave.

After this it was down to the skate park to check the graff wall, its been whitewashed and hopefully some good pieces will be going up soon. Had a wee cruise along the beach, had a coke then it was back into town when I remeberd some massive wooden boards beside the harbour. Went for a scan and ended up back on thee railway line not that far from where I left it (See below). Took a heap of snaps, had a cruise on my board and then headed up to Project Slogan to see the artist in residence and to check out a new paste up beside Slaters Menswear (see my next posts)

Hear my train a'comin

Inspiration for a new project!

Street Art? I think so!

Old railway line just off King Street, still in use appartently!

The old Drunks House beside Safeyway off King Street!

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