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Alice Meyers, Artist in Residence @ Project Slogan!

Alice will be in the space most days hanging her photographs and would love for people to pop in for a chat and to have a cup of tea which she is providing. Stressfull day at the office, nip out to Langstane Place amd have a breather. Alice is staying with me and shes very nice and good to converse with. Her show's closing will be Saturday 11th April.

Power To The Paste Up!

Got a tip off about this from a friend. Its a minute away from Slaters menswear on the other side of the street. Artist shall we say unknown.

Some vintage M.O.C.

A Lazy Sunday, NOT!

I don't know about the rest of you but I had a lie in on Sunday. But since I saw snow when I got up on Saturday I was amazed to see glorious sunshine on Sunday and headed out with my camera and my skateboard. The aim was to photograph any new graffiti and dead spaces.

First stop was to a furniture shop on Holburn street to scope for some massive cardboard tubes. You could build a house out of these mothers, they'll be handy for a future project. Boosted up to Broad street, the old mecca of skateboarding in Aberdeen, sad times there. Popped past the old Drunks house (see pics below) to see whats new with it. There' some big pieces on the wall and if your after adventure you can get inside through a window out the back but last time we went in we found a junkies den, complete with porno mags! Get a crew if your going in.

Next it was across the street to skate the car park flat bank and to get some inspiration. This massive sheet of white packaging came floating along the road …

New Graffiti Wall @ Transition Extreme!

Just some snaps of the graff wall down beside the skatepark. Paint Jam details coming soon.

Short Courses Exhibition @ Grays!

The Art School is currently showing works from painting, photography, drawing, jewellery design, web design & textiles as part of their Short Courses show. All the work has been produced by students who have completed night classes in the different fields. There's some good work on display so if you in the are check it out. Also if you wish to find out more about the short courses check here!

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 1! Mr Jago, Frightened Rabbit & The Twilight Sad!

For the last year I've been a regular reader of Juxtapoz Arts & Culture magazine. Although based in the states these guys are no snobs when it comes to keeping up with whats going on in the British & European art scene with cover stories by Parra (Netherlands) D*Face (England) to name a few. I was stoked to pick up this months issue and find a full feature on Mr Jago (Bristol).

I first discovered Duncans work through Addict clothing who commisioned him to do some designs for them including full jacket prints and t shirts. He is also the only artists to have his designs turned into a vinyl figure by the Addict team.

Above Custom Camobot by Mr Jago and blueprints below.

Mr Jago's characters have such an amazing quality to them, its hard to pin down exactly what it is that makes them so appealing. I think when I saw his "Ramp Builder" painting that was it for me. i've been follwing his work both solo and as part of the Scrawl Collective and hes taking off. Have…

MoC Smile x Graffiti Wall @ Transition Extreme!

Transition Extreme, Aberdeen's best and only indoor skatepark have taken a massive gamble and set up their own Graffiti walls right out side their own front door. There are 2 walls, one out side the main entrance, about 25 m long and another beside the old putting green. Were calling the second wall dick alley as so far the only thing to appear on them have been willies but hopefuly the lego brick smiley face will encourage some more thought out pieces.

It was incredible to do some stencils with out the worry of being busted aswell.However there is a danger that the boards will become a place to scribble words of hate and abuse so if you have any ideas for a piece or would like to try your hand then I suggest you join us for a paint jam due to take place soon hopefuly. It would be a shame to lose it as will surely happen if it isn't used for doing good work.

Clip Clop Opening @ Project Slogan 2

After their initial open day on Monday the Clip Clop girls opened up the gallery again on Friday to show off the work that had been completed by those who chose to come down. The main aim was to get a bunch of illustrations and sounds from the participants which were to be shown on Friday (when these pics were taken). A good amoun of people came down to check it out and they even have a video documenting the drawing night, by Fraser Denholm, a man who is very handy with a camera indeed.

As far as I know this is the first of 3 Greys School of Art Graduate shows so ill keep you posted for the next one which should be coming up soon.

Fraser moments before breaking another tooth, damm sweets