Beautiful Losers Screening & Rowan Corkhill Exhibition!

BEAUTIFUL LOSERS is the acclaimed film from Aaron Rose opens the doors and explores the influence of a small band of skaters, punks and art fiends who changed the New York and wider art world forever. 

With some of the biggest names in the Street art movement including Shepard Fairey, graffiti, folk artists and skateboarders like Ed Templeton speaking about the their need to get out and make stuff, this is one film screening not to be missed. 

Showing at Peacoks Visual Arts at the Castle gate tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd Feb at 7 pm.

Beautiful Losers Trailer

Also on the same night Project Slogans main gallery in Torry has a new exhibition opening "Image After Memory". I think I saw this guys work at the Grey's degree show last year and its pretty cool stuff. 

Certainly going to be a busy night but i'm sure you'll find time to get out and see everything.

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