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DO IT! # 4 @ Cellar 35!

Hey folks just a wee thank you to everyone who came down and rocked it with Indian Red Lopez. Special thanks to IAMMARTIN for taking these awesome photos, C Bear for making the awesome DO IT! Letters and to the rest of the DO IT! crew for making it so much fun to be a part of.

Me & Sio

Nice hat lady

Mike doing his thang

They seek him here, they seek him there, the muthaf*****g C BEAR!

Me & B.E.N. Visualisers for the masses

DO IT! peeps

DJ White Chocolate and the wheels of granite

Local Film Makers Showcase @ Project Slogan!

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted films for the February showcase night and a huge thanks to everyone who came down on Friday. Thanks to Five & Snafu who provided us with free drinks for the evening, Bones N Money (Acid Thunder) for the music and the Earl of Sandwich who provided a buffet of sandwiches no less for the event, Fraser who provided some much needed sound managment and to Martin for taking these pics.

Keeping 2 eyes on the films

Sonja and me dancing in the dark
The full list of films shown on the night are as follows: Your Hand In Mine - Mike Dowds Life In Ruins - Donside Pictures Blue on Blue - Zoffin Films Rock Action - Boleskin Watties Great Race Trailer - Pigeon Media Solutions 2p & Experimental Footage - Sam Spreckles One Night Stand -? Valentines - Sarah J Tingle Biege - Ricky Gibb

A Giant Throat Lozenger @ Project Slogan!

Good times, good tunes and good people.

Crazy eye kalediscope action

Drinking games or just drinking, still not sure
Bones N Money bring the noize
The crazy eye affected us all

Snow Hits Aberdeen, Everyone STOP!

Cars plough into each other, women jump off bridges holding small dogs, mum's panic buy in ASDA, people fall and slip and skid, children pray for school closures, snow balls are thrown back & forth, old men shudder and pull on an extra jumper, cats meow to get in, dogs bark to get out, electrical currents pump heat into blankets, your brother sits down at home with a cup of tea and you alone, stand and look at the beautiful white outside.
Its amazing what frozen moisture crystals can do to people.

Image After Memory & Beautiful Losers!

The Image After Memory opening was a good laugh and had a good turn out. We didn't get down until after 9 but people soon pilled in and were quick to move away from the eerie images in glass cabinets with their glowing eyes staring back from an unknown place in an unknown time. The darker pics are closer to what it was like in the space, except when I was flashing people with my camera.

Eye spy with my little eyes.........
Gallery owner put hands up and admits "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing!"
The room was dimly lit and had some eerie music playing

The eyes!

Some peeps who made it down to the Beautiful Losers film screening. I walked out at the end and felt like I was looking at things for the first time again. I knew much of the artists already but it was really refreshing to see them and hear them expressing their ideas and also encoraging others to get on it and do it.

Entrails 2 Zine Launch Bingo Night @ Under the Hammer!

After taking 5 months to complete the first issue of Entrails and not really having a proper shindig for it Mr Allan pulled all the stops out for a fun fuelled night of bingo action. £3 for 4 games, prizes provided by One Up records and the joy of hearing Lee call out all the ridiculous bingo terms made for a great evening. 

The zine itself it a remarkable piece of work with great effort and detail going into the design and manufacture of it (its hand made with glue and stuff). The illustrations and short stories really expose the hidden talent that's emerging and has already broken through in Aberdeen. So pat on the back to Mr Allan and if you didn't get a cop yet then get down to One Up records (Belmont Street) Earl Of Sandwich (The Green) or Forbidden Planet (Schoolhill) and get your free copy. The next issue is due for release in May I think so get drawing and for more details / submissions email

Lee & Al getting ready the B.I.N.G.O.
Alistair about …