Collaborative Mural @ Project Slogan!

Artist in residence Craig Barrowman decided to open the doors to the Project Slogan gallery to the public, providing the paint & the brushes. I'd been drinking until 7 in the morning but after 30 minutes of sitting watching Sleuth painting I decided to join in. Before we knew it more people were turning up and getting into it.

The infamous Gabberdeen helped provide some music to keep people painting through the night. I had to go away for an hour and was chuffed to see lots of new people mixing it up on the walls when I got back and everyone in a nice mood after lots of wine and beers.

Sleuth & his Rhino. See more of his work HERE!

Gav I think.

People just taking it all in

Craig trying to cover up the mess

Some Old Skool designs by the Gabberdeen crew.

My bodyless soldier gets a body.

The walls got well covered.

I like Monkey Face.

Yeah we lasted until 1a.m. Woooooooooooo.

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