DO IT! Friday 5th December @ Cellar 35!

++++++++++DO IT2>Friday 5/12+++++++++
Cellar Bar 35
£3 entry includes free limited edition mix cd/poster print hand welded by S+O
Get your pumps pumped and oil your lederhosen....

!!!DO IT2 is here!!!

Resident djs RIDDIM+JONNY B. Laying doing another hyper-galactic mix of hip hop, soul, shoegaze, glitch, pop, electro, love melodies & deep rabid holes.

Live visuals by M.O.C. Analogue hands meets digital fingers for a live visual frenzy of nature, granite, other peoples hands and pretty abstract colours of a DO IT nature...very nice stuff

Special guest artist 'S+O'. Up and coming organic doodler and image fiddler S+O has used her gifted craft hands to weld together 30 limited edition cd/posters for YOU!!!
Limited to the first 30 guests of the evenings proceedings.

Get down pronto!!

!!!DO IT2 the5ththe5th5th5ththe5th5thDecember!!!

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