Straight 8 & Directors CUT Lectures!

I was really excited about going to see the Straight 8 on Tour film at the belmont. The concept? Straight 8 challenges anyone to make a 3 minute film on one cartridge of super 8 film, editing only in camera. The tour film brought together 10 of the best straight 8 films ever made as well as 12 incredible films selected for the Cannes film festival this year.

The guys behind Straight 8 had a nice little intro for the film, especially for Aberdeen which was really nice. The first film started, looked amazing, sounded great but after some technical difficulties the screening had to be stopped. However, I have seen enough and have signed up with them and look forward to purchasing some DVD's from them to inspire me for my own attempt at a Straight 8 film.

Also Aberdeen University has started its Directors Cut lectures again, the first one being tomorrow evening. The guest will be Hans Petter Moland, one of Scandinavia's leading directors. Late notice indeed but there's another lecture booked for Tuesday 18th Nov and Tuesday 9th Nov. For more details go here.

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