Neal Macdonald show @ The Foyer!

Neal Macdonald is a local artist and face about town. You will no doubt have seen him walking around looking busy with his retro adidas top and slight flared brown slacks. I only met Neil for the first time a few weeks ago through Willie and discovered he lives round the corner from me and doesn't own a mobile phone. Fact. 

Anyway he has produced a great body of work for some shows which I believe include paintings and screen prints of album covers for Birdsong. I guess there was a time when Birdsong albums were cutting edge and would still be great for sampling today. The work I have seen so far looks amazing and is definately worth a few moments of your time so pop along to the Foyer restaurant before the 29th Nov or if you are in Banchory you can see Neal's work at Lang Byre Gallery until the 9th Nov.

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