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GOOD Vs EVIL - Zine It Up!

Good vs Evil is a new zine that I picked up recently. There's some really good work in issue 1 and the theme's for each issue vary from Good vs Evil (Yes that was the first theme) to I have no idea what the second issue theme is. You can pick up issue one from here and issue 2 is just at the printers as we speak. The theme for issue three is Man vs Mescaline so I suggest you get those pens out and have a go.

Ólafur Arnalds, Greg Haines & Finn @ The Tunnels!

Interesting Music Promotions & Dizzy Storm put on a great gig last night. Hailing from Iceland, Ólafur Arnalds plays enchanting and haunting instrumental music. He has a mini string quartet to accompany his piano based tracks aswell as static samples and noises. The stage and lighting was expertly set up and really added to haunting yet beautiful effect the music had on me. A true wonder to behold. 

Greg Haines was second on the bill and despite some sound problems managed to perform an interesting set of noise based music. Top marks for the most interesting use of sand on stage.

I have to admit I though he was going to bring out a mandolin and play some pixie music. Finn is a German singer songwriter from the middle ages. He plays very sweet music with very beautiful lyrics. Hopefuly we will see more people making this kind of effort to travel forward through time to bring us great music.

I almost for got to say, check out THREEDEEGLASSES pages, he designed the nice poster at the s…

Future Shorts @ The Belmont Cinema!

I dont know how much the ticket prices are going to be yet ut i'm working on organising an after cinema party somewhere close by that will hopefuly have a free beer and sandwich for everyone and hopefuly 3 or 4 more local films made by myself and anyone else I can find in time.

I will be looking to get more local films and talent involved for screening at the next Future Shorts night on November so if you know any local film makes, doesn't matter what they do just let them know I want to show off their work, unless its really, really bad in which case I definately want to show it.

Pimp My Bike @ Project Slogan!

I've just finished another video for a local artists called Fraser Denholm. Fraser work uses sound & visuals and for his last project he attached a banging stereo to an old mountain bike. For the opening night of his exhibition he cycled the bike over to Project Slogan on Victoria road and i followed him with my d.i.y. helmet cam firmly on my head. Heres the results. I also asked some questions about his work although my voice does not appear in the film.

Heres another video that Fraser has made himself along with IAMMARTIN so check it out.

Straight 8 & Directors CUT Lectures!

I was really excited about going to see the Straight 8 on Tour film at the belmont. The concept? Straight 8 challenges anyone to make a 3 minute film on one cartridge of super 8 film, editing only in camera. The tour film brought together 10 of the best straight 8 films ever made as well as 12 incredible films selected for the Cannes film festival this year.

The guys behind Straight 8 had a nice little intro for the film, especially for Aberdeen which was really nice. The first film started, looked amazing, sounded great but after some technical difficulties the screening had to be stopped. However, I have seen enough and have signed up with them and look forward to purchasing some DVD's from them to inspire me for my own attempt at a Straight 8 film.
Also Aberdeen University has started its Directors Cut lectures again, the first one being tomorrow evening. The guest will be Hans Petter Moland, one of Scandinavia's leading directors. Late notice indeed but there's another l…

Lamp Lighter, Big Pauper & Cars & Trains @ Snafu!

Cars & Trains creating some hip hop beats, samples, violin and cool vocals.

Big Pauper had a great mix of beats and folk samples, great theremin solo's and an amzing keyboard thing that created sonic symphonies.

Lamp Lighter cutting up some dark strings with heavy beats.

Neal Macdonald show @ The Foyer!

Neal Macdonald is a local artist and face about town. You will no doubt have seen him walking around looking busy with his retro adidas top and slight flared brown slacks. I only met Neil for the first time a few weeks ago through Willie and discovered he lives round the corner from me and doesn't own a mobile phone. Fact. 

Anyway he has produced a great body of work for some shows which I believe include paintings and screen prints of album covers for Birdsong. I guess there was a time when Birdsong albums were cutting edge and would still be great for sampling today. The work I have seen so far looks amazing and is definately worth a few moments of your time so pop along to the Foyer restaurant before the 29th Nov or if you are in Banchory you can see Neal's work at Lang Byre Gallery until the 9th Nov.

11.55 T Shirt Launch @ Attic!

Some photos from the 11.55 T shirt launch at Attic in Aberdeen. Some sweet threads and free beers, doesnt get much better. To see the designs go HERE.

Occasional Monsters @ The Belmont Cinema!

Premiering tonight at the Belmont cinema, Occasional Monsters. Looks funny as fuck and should be interesting to see what some local lads have come up with. You can watch the trailer HERE sogGo down and show your support, Belmont Cinema 8.45pm
Be there or beware of Occasional Monsters.
Official movie web site HERE!

Amelias Magazine Illustration Brief!

For any one who is lacking a reason to get the old pen an paper out, here's a fun brief for a really great magazine.
Illustrate for Amelia's Magazine issue 10 – Open BriefTheme: Everything is ConnectedI cannot tell a lie, I have had a good idea of what this brief would be for some time, but I have been finding it very hard to find the right words with which to express my ideas - which is why I think that it is so important that illustrators can come to our rescue here and help out. The trouble now is that I don't have long to finish my magazine and so this brief will have a very short life. Please work quickly! I will need to see your final works by HALLOWEEN, ie the 31st of October. I apologize that you only have a month. I am still not sure that I have found the right words, but I am going to give it a good bash... Earlier this week a strange image came to me when I was standing with some friends outside the pub, and I think it is worth relating here. We were talking about…

Future Shorts @ The Belmont Cinema!

Hey folks I have been thinking about setting up a regular movie night in Aberdeen and decided to contact the Future Shorts network to see if they fancied extending their nights to Aberdeen. Well they'd already beaten me to it but had yet to find a rep willing to help organise future events. Well its going to be me and I'm going to be trying to organise as many fun nights in as many different venues as I can.
The first night has already been arranged so if you want to help a bro out then please come down and ill make sure you have a great night & the next one is even better.
Venue: The Belmont Cinema Date: 29.10.08 Time: 6.30
Line up for the evening but maybe not in this order.
OCTOBER RELAUNCH PROGRAMME" Future Shorts celebrates its fifth birthday with an exclusive relaunch programme. The festival now runs in 30 countries worldwide and is launching with a hugely inventive and entertaining collection of films featuring films by Wes Anderson starring Natalie Portman, a first…

Invisible Oil @ Peacock Visual Arts!

INVISIBLE OIL @ Peacocks Visual Arts Ernst Logar
Opening Friday 3 October, 6 - 8pm Artist's Talk Saturday 4 October, 2pm. Admission free
Invisible Oil comments upon the invisible aspects of the North east oil industry, from the invisible crude itself, to the discarded plastic rubbish produced from it.
The show by Austrian artist Ernst Logar features prints and sculptural pieces made with/using crude oil, alongside a series of new photographs and documentation of the artist's efforts to access key locations in the oil sector not visible to the public.